We have made Endless OS available for everyone to download and install for personal use and non-commercial deployments at small scale, and we would love your help in bringing it to more people around the world! Endless OS Foundation’s goal is to deliver access to education to everyone, regardless of means and opportunity, and one powerful way of doing this is to make our software available for anyone who wants or needs it.

We want to make sure everyone gets the best experience with Endless OS, so we’ve made a simple policy around how the OS images can be used. Please read our policy, and if you have any questions, suggestions, or would like to partner with Endless, please get in touch.

Almost all of the software that makes up Endless OS is Free and Open Source Software, and the source code is available through our
Developer page.

Endless OS Download, Installation & Redistribution Policy

Our full redistribution policy is included in the Endless OS Terms of Use. Please consult the Endless OS Terms of Use for the terms under which you are allowed and encouraged to install & redistribute Endless OS.

Alternative versions of Endless OS

The above redistribution policy covers the downloadable editions of Endless OS, aimed at general-purpose education usage. Alternative versions of Endless OS can be purchased, with additional features and customization options available for large-scale installations. Please contact for more information if you are seeking any of the following:

  1. Commercial use of Endless OS
  2. Pre-installation of Endless OS on PCs prior to sale
  3. Non-commercial use on more than 500 computers per year
  4. Large-scale deployments of a specially tailored version of Endless OS