Affordability is a critical barrier to PC access throughout the world. Financing is often the only option for over 3 Billion people to purchase a PC.

High-interest rates

Getting a loan can also be a challenge. Lenders are often forced to offer high-interest rates or deny loan applications because of risk.

PAYG was designed to de-risk loans through a PC locking mechanism, built into the Endless OS, that is tied to the payment status of a loan. If a customer is not able to make their loan payment the laptop locks until payment is made. While locked the users' data, files and settings are all perfectly preserved and protected.

The Lock

Endless PAYG is a completely offline code based locking mechanism. Users receive unlock codes over SMS once they make payment. These codes then unlock the PC for different time intervals (1 day, 1 week, 1 month, etc…)

The Desktop

Notifications to remind users of upcoming time expiration, so they can add time credit before the laptop locks to avoid interruptions in usage. When a loan is fully paid off, an “Unlimited” unlock code is provided permanently unlocking the PC.

The Security

A locked PC stays locked. Endless Solutions has developed proprietary technology to defend against hacks and workarounds. Security threats we address include but are not limited to:
- OS reflashing
- Internal Clock tampering
- Hard drive removal/wiping

Our Pay-AS-You-Go Partners

Endless PAYG is the “Front-End” of the Pay-AS-You-Go PC, meaning everything that lives on the device. We partnered with industry-leading partners who provide the “back-end” integration.
This includes:
- Special customer and financial management platforms unique to Pay-As-You-Go
- Field tools for sales representatives to process loan applications, and onboarding
- SMS, mobile money and other telecom/payment integrations


We are proud to announce Angaza as our first fully integrated Pay-AS-You-Go partner

For Lenders

Endless PAYG can increase motivation for customers to repay loans, reduce default rates and open up a new segment of the population previously deemed “too risky."

For Customers

Endless PAYG allows for flexible Pay-As-You-Go payment plans, can increase the likelihood of loans being approved and can even lower interest rates on loans to purchase a PC.

The Hardware

A major benefit of Endless PAYG is that it is entirely software-based, meaning that there are different hardware options available depending on the country and use case. New devices can be taken through our PAYG Enablement & Certification process, but it may take time as the proprietary Endless PAYG security is unique to each new device model.

The Endless Laptop

The Endless Laptop

Endless Solutions will be offering a single laptop model initially, focused on affordability, high quality and low power consumption. Specs below

Display: 11.6”
CPU: Intel Atom Z8350
Memory: 2 GB
Hard Drive: 64 GB
Battery: ~5 Hours – 5000mAh 2S1P
Power: 12V/2A 100-240 VAC Input

OEM Laptops

OEM Laptops

In some regions we have relationships with OEM partners where certain models can be enabled and certified. Contact us below to learn more about possibilities in your region!

Endless Mini Desktops

Endless Mini Desktops

Endless Solutions does offer custom designed desktop PC’s as well that can easily plug into a TV with a mouse and keyboard creating the lowest cost option to access PC. See Computers page for specs and contact us below for more information on availability in your region!

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