What if everyone could access and contribute to the global knowledge economy? This is the world we’re building at Endless, every day. At our nonprofit we dream big, work smart, and love what we do.

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Sabrina, London

"I'm privileged to be working at Endless, not only does our mission and values exist for our users, but holds true for our team and community.
Even after a short period of time, Endless has shown a great willingness to invest in my development and future. We not only support our users but we support each other"!

Steven, Nairobi

“I love Endless because we are providing computers to people who normally would not afford them. We’re doing so as a highly transparent global team. The Endless team is like my second family now.”

Jian-Hong, Taipei

“The part about working for Endless that I love the most is that every bug I find, every ticket I close, is one less hoop for our users to jump through to access knowledge they deserve."

Sergio, México City

"Very few companies have the genuine mission to help, and Endless is the perfect example of one. You can go home everyday knowing that you are part of a project to help change the world. "

Karanja, Nairobi

“We live to see the joy in young people as they gain individual access to personal computers and powerful apps and content, and to enhanced opportunities in education and socio-economic empowerment.”

Our Team Locations

Whether it’s engineering skill, design prowess, or outreach expertise,
each member of our team brings a unique perspective to our company.

San Francisco

San Francisco

We are headquartered in San Francisco, and that’s no accident. By building our company from the heart of the tech, design, and deployment community, we are constantly exposed to the latest in entrepreneurship and technology, helping us remain nimble and cutting edge for our users around the world.



Nairobi, cosmopolitan city and commercial capital of East Africa is the base of the Endless Africa Operations. Top African tech hub, home of the m-pesa mobile money revolution. Brimming with tech entrepreneurs. Now leading the charge in the accelerating PAYGO solar home industry Africa-wide. The city’s mercantile networks connect very tightly to rural consumer targets. For visitors with a few days to kill, Amboseli, Tsavo, Masai Mara, and Serengeti national parks are reachable within a few hours. If a few hours is all the time you have, Nairobi National Park -- located within view of the city -- is an amazing natural paradise and will give you the best experience you can get without getting to the wilderness. The Endless OS Nairobi team is a tightly-knit group. We’ve provided computers and educational content and resources to children, youth, families, and schools across Africa through distributors, solar home solutions partners, ngo and finance partners, and direct channels.



Endless's Asia headquarters sits within the bustling, modern city of Taipei, right at the heart of the modern technology world. Our talented Taipei team is involved in diverse engineering projects including working with the latest and most innovative computing platforms, developing the nuts and bolts of the system software, and ensuring that our users can depend on the quality and reliability of our product. The office overlooks the iconic Taipei 101 building, a reminder of how much growth is possible with the right pieces in place. If you visit Taipei, you might find the team exploring some of the more unknown corners of this uniquely quirky city.



Europe is the heart of the world's Free and Open Source Software community so it's no surprise that it has become one of our hubs for Endless' world-class engineers. With the goal of making our operating system and app ecosystem the best, Endless engineers connect at a shared workspace in London to troubleshoot and hack through bugs and challenges. And yes, work sessions regularly happen over tea or spill into the local pub.

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Endless is an equal opportunity employer. We value diversity and we do not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, height, weight, veteran status, marital status or disability status.